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Lets Start Complete Roofing Remodeling

Build, Plan and Manage Your Projects With Ease.

When you're looking for a roofing renovation or just some updates, our team is here to help. Our project managers will come by your home and explore options that suit both your budget and taste so we can find the perfect fit!

Schedule Your Free In-Home Consultation

With a team of experts on site, we'll be able to take measurements that will help you understand how your roof can come more alive. They're going to let their expertise do most (if not all) work for them by providing guidance throughout this process and they'll stay in contact with you so you know what's important at each stage!

No More Missed Deadlines or Over Budget Projects

You're about to embark on a roof renovation project that will transform your home! You'll have an in-home consultation with one of our professionals who are knowledgeable and professional. They'll walk you through every step, answer any questions - including those pesky specials or add-ons, and provide great estimates for when we expect everything else to be completed so there aren't delays along the way.

Going Forward

Meet Our Team at the Office

We're proud to offer a wide range of roofing options for you. We want your roof installation process, from deciding on the design style all the way to finalizing details like color choices and shingle patterns - to be simple as well as give you confidence in what's been chosen!

Our Final Checklist For Success

You'll have a project manager by your side every step of the way, providing insight into what's possible and helping to make decisions that are best for you. We will share final drawings so we can show you how it all comes together in one place!

Get Your Construction Project Started on the Right Foot

Our team is excited to get started on your roof renovation! We will be in touch soon with more information about what's next.


We build your dream

Build With Confidence, Get the Necessary Permits

From the moment you call, our project managers will be by your side every step of the way. We'll handle everything from permits and scheduling appointments with trade experts so that when we start working on your roof it's in perfect condition for us!

The Best Construction Gear in the Market!

After you've weighed all your options, we'll help guide the process to make sure that what's right for you is also the perfect fit for your home.

Stay in the Loop

We are experts at managing the details of your renovating project, and we take great care of every client. You can expect a transparent process from start to finish that is tailored just for you!

Construction phases explained

Safe Demolition

We're getting ready to break ground on a new era of roof renovations! The expert team will first clean up your unwanted materials from the work area. After they're done, it'll be time for us to get started with construction right away - we have plenty more surprises in store so stay tuned and follow along as this project unfolds!

Planning to Execution

We know that the inspection process is crucial to your safety, which makes it very important for us as professionals. We want you to feel safe and happy during this time! When preparing drywall installation projects after demolition of homes or businesses has occurred - we begin with carefully assessing any potential hazards before they can happen.

Installation Done Right, and Once!

We're here to help you understand your roof renovation project. From the first meeting with our team, we'll work together and make sure each step of installation is handled professionally so that when it comes time for finishing touches like shingles or vents in desired locations - they match your imagination!


Need Roofing Contractor?

Touch Ups & Finishes

Making Sure Your Project is Perfect

At the end of our work together, your project manager will walk you through each step and make sure that everything is looking great. We'll go over any remaining tasks to make perfect before calling it finished!

The Final Stage of You Project

When we hand over control, there won't be any issues left unaddressed. Your new roof will look amazing and you can finally relax!

Our Clients Love Us

Hearing from our customers is the best part of what we do! We are so happy that your remodel has exceeded all expectations. It truly makes our heart sing when we hear about how much fun you had making such an important change in lifestyle for yourself and your family.

Roof Remodeling

If you’re looking for a new roof, it can be tough to keep track of all your options. But we’ve got your back! O.T Bay Builder has years worth of experience in the industry and will take time with each option so that by end the of the process -you know exactly what kind would work best for you and your home.

The roof is often overlooked when planning an upgrade, but it’s important to make sure that the condition of your home’s roof is good since they protect you from weather and conserve energy. A great way for homeowners like yourself who want their homes looking fresh all year round without having any major repairs or replacements on anything else inside (and don’t worry – we can help with both!), then contact us today!

Roof Remodeling Service

We all know how expensive it is to replace our roofs, but sometimes the damage can be worse than we think. A professional will do an inspection and give you a more accurate assessment of what needs fixing before anything else starts! Our remodeling services include: