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Build, Plan and Manage Your Projects With Ease.

When you're looking for an upgrade to your home's exterior, nothing beats the option of going with pool & decks. Our team will come by and explore options that suit both your budget and taste so we can find what fits best!

Schedule Your Free In-Home Consultation

Your project manager will be on site to take measures of your property and help you understand how we can make it come alive. They're going to let their expertise do most (if not all) work for them by providing guidance throughout this process and contacting you every step along the way so that you truly know what is important in achieving a successful outcome.

No More Missed Deadlines or Over Budget Projects

Your pool project is about to get underway! You'll learn more information on what's happening, how much it will cost you (including any specialties or add-ons), as well as when we can expect everything else to be completed so that everything goes smoothly from start to finish without delays along the way.

Going Forward

Meet Our Team at the Office

How do you know what type of interlocking paver swimming pool components are right for your patio? Well, it can be quite confusing actually. There is certainly a wide range and they all look similar to the untrained eye! But don't worry because we're here to help guide you through the process and select the one that would benefit your patio most, and give your home the perfect look.

Our Final Checklist For Success

We'll work with you every step of the way, providing insight into what's possible and helping to make decisions that are best for your pool project. We will share final drawings so we can show how it all comes together in one place!

Get Your Construction Project Started on the Right Foot

We're excited to get started on your pool project! The first step is signing a contract with you and our office. We'll make sure everything goes according to plan, so let's take care of that together now.

We build your dream

Build With Confidence, Get the Necessary Permits

We plan on starting by creating an access point and then building up from there - removing dirt until only solid material remains at last; whether via dump truck or otherwise, as long as everything gets moved out of the workspace.

The Best Construction Gear in The Market!

Now is the time for you to decide on what style and finishings will best represent your home's personality. We've spent countless hours working with each vendor in order find these materials!

Stay in the Loop

We've got your back when it comes to pools and decks. With our experience, we know what needs to be done from start to finish! You can expect nothing but transparency throughout this process - there won't be any hidden surprises waiting for you at the end of each step in construction on either project.

Construction phases explained

Safe Demolition

When your tile, coping and decking are being removed - our professional crews will take care of it! Next we chip away at any waterline tiles with an air chipping hammer before hauling everything else away - leaving you with nothing but clean slate sidewalks.

Planning to Execution

There are many things to take care of when preparing your space for construction, so it's important that we begin by inspecting any areas where work will be done. This way there isn't anything lurking around the corner and can save time on surprises later down the line!

Installation Done Right, and Once!

Your dream pool and deck are within reach! Get started on creating your perfect backyard at the touch of button. Our project managers will deliver all steps in the installation process smoothly and efficiently, even if you don't know what kind or how many stairs exist where - we've got this covered so that everything matches up perfectly with our professional approach.

Need a Pool & Decks Services?

Touch Ups & Finishing

Making Sure Your Project is Perfect

You'll be able to see your project through from start to finish with our experts on site. We're going over each step and making sure everything is looking great before we call it finished!

The Final Stages of Your Project

The project is coming to an end and you're excited about what's next! The handover will happen one last time before we give up control, so be sure everything looks perfect because there won't otherwise be any issues left unaddressed once the project manager is gone.

Our Clients Love Us

We are so excited to know that our hard work has made your dream pool and deck come true! We love hearing from customers directly about their experience with OT Bay Builders because it warms our hearts.

All Services

Building New Decks

Next on the list of priorities for many homeowners when they remodel their homes is building a deck. A great way to transform your backyard into an attractive space that will be warm and inviting all year long!

Deck Maintenance

To create the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family, it is important to carefully choose which materials will be used. The cost of one’s deck depends on what they’re going with; whether its wood or composite material – there are plenty of options available! You can find something that fits just about any budget because these days everyone has access to such amazing choices so don’t settle until after doing some research into all aspects with us at O.T. Bay Builders!

Remodeled Pools

We’re O.T Bay Builder and we remodel swimming pools for many clients throughout the greater Bay Area! When you need to renovate or add new features, our experienced team will help make your dreams come true with custom rock workmanship that is second-to-none in this region – think natural stone steps leading up from deep water onto a sunbathed platform where lounge chairs await patiently on each side before being immersed into soothing jets; fountains spraying delicately beside scented waters over flower beds populated by colorful petals. That’s the kind of relaxation we’re all about.

More Decks & Pools Services

We make your outdoor space a priority and will be there for you every step of the way. From design to installation, we take care in understanding what makes an impactful project so that it can live up to expectations! All projects come with free quotes where our team has ample opportunity to learn about any needs or wants from both sides before beginning work on their behalf – this ensures everyone’s satisfied at completion of the project. We also provide inspections during each phase as well, which means nothing is left unlooked-after by either side. Our Decks & Pools services include: