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You're in luck! Our team is here to help you find the perfect fit for your home. Whether it's a full-blown landscaping remodel or just some updates, our project managers will come by and explore options that suit both your budget and taste so we can get started today.

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You can count on your project manager to be a guide through the process, making sure that all aspects of your vision come alive. They'll work closely with each part and make it their own by providing guidance throughout this entire endeavor.

No More Missed Deadlines or Over Budget Projects

We're about to embark on a landscape remodeling project that will drastically change the way you view landscaping. Have questions? We've got answers! Our office consultation is an important part of this process and it'll help us tailor our work for your needs while also providing insight into what's happening with costs, timing, etc.

Going Forward

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We're here to help you make the decision that's best for your family. We'll provide a wide range of options and assistance in making this happen!

Our Final Checklist For Success

We'll work with you to create a custom design that is best for your home. We're happy to share final drawings with you so everyone knows exactly where things will go!

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You’ve been waiting for this moment, and we are finally ready to get started. Our team will be working with you closely from now on as we sign off the contract so that your landscape renovation can begin!

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Build With Confidence, Get the Necessary Permits

The best way to ensure your yard is in optimal condition for us to start working on it, would be if you had a copy of our permits and appointment schedule. This will not only expedite things along but also keep all interactions between us organized efficiently!

The Best Construction Gear in the Market!

Now it's time to make your final decision on what style will best reflect the personality of your home. We have worked hard with each vendor in order find these materials so they can be used only at OT Bay Builders!

Stay in the Loop

We are proud to offer a transparent process for our clients. You can expect nothing but excellence as we manage every detail of your landscape remodeling project!

Construction phases explained

Safe Demolition

You don't need to worry about a thing because we have an expert team ready for this project. They'll take care of all your unwanted materials, clean up after themselves and make sure that when it's done you're left with nothing but satisfaction!

Planning to Execution

When you're preparing for your full landscape renovation project, it's important to inspect the space after demolition and installation. We should start our preparation process by inspecting any areas where construction will take place in order to ensure there aren't hidden hazards or unexpected problems waiting around every corner!

Installation Done Right, and Once!

It's time to make that dream yard happen! Your project manager will ensure each step of the installation process is handled with care and professionalism, bringing your vision from imagination into reality.

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Touch Ups & Finishes

Making Sure Your Project is Perfect

When we're done working together, your project manager will be there to make sure everything is looking great. We'll go through each step and take a final look over anything that needs more attention before calling it finished!

The Final Stage of You Project

You're so excited to finally see your yard the way you always wanted it! You'll be thrilled that this project is almost over with and all those worries are out of sight. Your project manager will come by one last time before we hand over control, to make sure everything's perfect because there won’t otherwise be any issues left unaddressed once they leave.

Our Clients Love Us

The joy on people’s faces when they receive a call from our team with the words "we're done" is something we take seriously. We work hard and it's so rewarding to know that the time spent building your dream yard was worth every minute!

Outdoor Living Area

Creating a comfortable and inviting outdoor living area doesn’t have to be difficult. We will assess your wishes, measure the size of your yard or front porch space and address the limitations of your budget- which will help sketch out an idea for what could work best!

Your outdoor living area is not just about the house – it’s also an extension of your personality. Personalize this space with features that match what you want in life, such as poolside cabanas or cozy fire pits surrounded by pines trees! The best thing to do when designing these spaces? Think carefully before adding any unnecessary items so they don’t end up wasting time and money on luxury amenities that will not be used.

Landscape Process

Creating the perfect outdoor space is difficult in any size, but it’s especially challenging when you have limited square footage. Try not to crowd your yard with features and amenities if there are bigger spaces available because this can damage the landscape quality as well! Even though smaller backyards sometimes mean fewer options for design ideas – avoid overwhelming yourself by going all out on including every element possible at once. Instead, start small so that everything feels right without feeling too repetitious or chaotic around your home. The key thing about designing an area which includes plants/shrubs etc., regardless of the size – is making sure they’re placed strategically and efficiently.

Why Choose Our Services?

Landscaping is an investment in the future. A beautiful landscape can turn any front or backyard into a tranquil oasis, providing you with hours of relaxation and entertainment while also offering privacy for all those who spend their time there! When designing your own space it’s important to consider safety features like water retention or fire pits as well as flowing movement from patio spaces that lead into one another so they don’t feel too isolated – this helps children stay occupied but still leaves room left over on each lot wide open which we know everyone loves. Our landscape services include:



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