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Join Our Team

Operations and Sales Associat. Coordinate and manage the daily operations of the company. Direct and coordinate

Coordinate long range planning, and short-term sales. Communicate operational and sales strategies with ownership. Prepare and maintain reports and records. 

Manage new business development and operations. Interact with potential clients, discuss their needs, arrange for meetings and provide estimates. 

Provide customer service and handle and resolve client complaints. Prepare sales materials and place ads as needed. 

Develop annual plan and establish procedures for maintaining high standards of operations to ensure that services provided by the company conform to market trends. 

Develop strategies to anticipate customer needs and future requirements, and plan and executes these strategies.

Must have two years experience in customer service, sales, operations or related.

Resume to OT Bay Builders, Inc, 111 N Market St, Suite H300, San Jose, CA 95113


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