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Hiring a professional, local company to install your concrete pavement is the best way for you and everyone around! Not only will these experts be familiar with Bay Area soil types but they’ll also know how each type functions, which makes our work easier. Additionally, there's all sorts of reasons to hire someone qualified can give great results - from earthquake activity down to drainage issues, it's crucial for your safety that you make an educated choice!

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Creative visionaries need not apply! The design stage is a crucial point in any project, and if you don't know what to do, it can cause major damage to your wallet. A professional will provide accurate drawings of ideas as well as a list of materials needed for installation so that there are no surprises along the way - which means less headaches down the road.

No More Missed Deadlines or Over Budget Projects

You can trust that a professional hardscaping contractor will take care of your project from start to finish. They have the knowledge and expertise needed, along with an understanding for what it takes in order to make sure you're satisfied at every stage during construction - from budgeting all the way to the design!

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We want you to be confident in your decision and we'll help make that happen with a wide range of options available. Our showroom has beautifully designed cabinetry, exquisite tiles as well an array of materials so come see us today!

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Hardscapes are more than just a beautiful landscape design feature - they're also an integral part of your property's stability. It's highly important we go over all the details of the project to ensure the driveway pavement is safe as well as complimenting to the rest of your home.

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Whether it be professional landscaping or basic home improvement projects like installing patios and gardenscapes in the backyard; make sure to hire experienced professionals who know what they’re doing because even small errors can lead directly into bigger problems down the line!

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Even with all of the complicated tools and processes that are needed for a successful project, it's most important to hire an experienced professional. These individuals will have knowledge on how to best complete your hardscaping needs in order to make sure everything is done correctly from planning to installation.

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Pavers from professional hardscaping companies have a higher quality material than what's found anywhere else - we're able to create exactly what your property needs without sacrificing your taste or budget!

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Hiring a professional contractor ensures that your project will be handled promptly, efficiently and with professionalism. Our team is experienced in design through installation - we have the expertise backed by trained installers who work quickly to get projects completed on time & within budget!

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Driveway Renovation

O.T Bay Builder is a licensed and insured driveway contractor in The Bay Area, CA with the skills to make any repairs on your concrete or asphalt driveways safe and last for years without repeating itself! We’re backed by warranty so you can be confident about what we do – from installation all the way to maintenance after installers have left their mark within homeowner’s homes.

It’s great to see O.T Bay Builder pave a new beautiful driveway! The old one was cracked and a hazard, so this will be safer for cars driving by in future. First they demo’d the concrete foundation before laying down smooth finish layers of the final product – perfect workmanship can’t wait until you get your hands on these guys when they come out next year again with more creative finishes.

Our Work Process

We all know that the first impression we give our customers is important. That’s why O.T Bay Builder strives to provide only top-quality services for you, ensuring a positive experience from start (or finish!) to ensure your satisfaction with us! We offer both residential and commercial projects; no matter what type of job it might be – large or small – we’ve got just what it takes to work well on yours! Our Driveway services include: