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Lets Start a Home Expansion Project

Build, Plan and Manage Your Projects With Ease.

The project manager will arrive on the agreed-upon day & time and examine the entirety of your property. Your project manager will be your main point of contact from this point on so that they can truly understand your vision, style, and design concepts for your project.

Schedule Youre Free In-Home Consultation

When our team first meets with you, we will ask a few general questions to understand your needs and desires better. If it feels like we're the right fit for each other then one of our experienced project managers would be happy to come by at no cost so that they can see how their services could benefit you!

No More Missed Deadlines or Over Budget Projects

Once you and your project manager are satisfied with all of the details, we will begin working on breaking down what it takes to add more living space. This phase includes an estimate for pricing as well as how long this process typically takes in order to make sure that our timeline is achievable!

Going Forward

Meet Our Team at the Office

We want you to be able to experience the diverse materials and finishes available for your home expansion project before making these life-changing choices.

Our Final Checklist For Success

We take the time to get you a perfect project, and we're committed in providing our customers with all of their needs met. Your satisfaction is guaranteed through every step; when it comes down prints or anything else for that matter - you'll be able see what's possible before making any decisions on finalizing your home remodeling process!

Get Your Construction Project Started on the Right Foot

You are finally at the point where your dreams will come true! At this moment, our office and project manager are looking over all finalized details with you. Once everything has been approved by both parties to begin construction, we will start working on that beautiful new addition. We can't wait until it you see it!

We build your dream

Build With Confidence, Get the Necessary Permits.

By hiring us, you can rest assured that your project will be handled with care and attention. We have an entire team dedicated to making sure we get permits or any other necessary approvals in a timely manner so construction doesn't interfere!

The Best Construction Gear in the Market!

When it's finally time to put your finishing touches on the designs for this project, you and your project manager will take some extra steps together. You'll go through all materials needed one last time with in order to make sure everything is perfect before we send them off!

Stay in The Loop

We care about the success of our projects, which is why we work hard to make sure your expansion project goes off without a hitch. Our team will always keep you in loop and provide transparent communication from start to finish!

Construction phases explained

Safe Demolition

The construction phase starts with us clearing out the space and removing all of the unwanted materials in the work area. Cleaning this area up in a timely manner will ensure that we stay on track for our home addition project timeline, as well as prepare you for what's next!

Planning to Execution

It is crucial that we inspect the space after it’s been demolished and begin preparing for installation. This includes things like framing, drywall work or plumbing projects to make sure they go smoothly with our home addition plans!

Installation Done Right, and Once!

The installation process is where your home expansion project begins to take shape and finally come alive. Your project manager will make sure each step, from beginning to end, looks perfect in its own way so you can enjoy what was once an empty space within just moments after it's complete!

Need a home Addition Contractor?

Touch Ups & Finishes

Making Sure Your Project is Perfect

Your project manager will walk through the entire installation with you and review any adjustments or minor tweaks to make sure that everything was covered. We take pride in our work, which is why this final phase of your home addition project has a special importance for us!

The Final Stages of your Project

You can't wait to see your beautiful home the way you always wanted it! You'll be glad that this is finally over with and all those worries are out of sight. Your project manager will come by one last time before we hand over control so make sure everything's perfect because there won’t otherwise be any issues left unaddressed once they're gone.

Our Clients Love Us

You've worked hard to create a home that is everything you wanted and more. We can't wait for you guys to enjoy your new living space! We'd love to hear your notes about our dedicated work on your home.

All Services

Room and Home Additions

We’re experts in customizing your home with innovative designs to make it more inviting and comfortable. Whether you need an addition or just some extra storage, our team at O.T Bay Builders can help! We offer many options that will suit any budget while enhancing the look of every space we design for clients throughout The Bay Area. Our expert contractors know how important architectural elements, like rooflines, are on a property’s curb appeal so they’ll work closely alongside their customers during planning stages while also providing guidance when needed about landscaping ideas or other professional services.

When you’re looking to add onto your home, it can be a daunting task. There are so many things that need consideration and planning before starting any construction project of this magnitude! But luckily for us (and our clients), all we really have do is provide clear instructions on what type or style addition would work best with their existing house and then let them take off from there depending upon budget constraints and imagination.

The extra room you have been looking for

Adding space to your home can be done in so many ways, like adding a room or building an entirely new garage. As a general contractor, we will provide professional services at competitive prices, O.T Bay Builders has years of experience helping homeowners with their remodeling projects from designing plans all the way through construction when it comes down to recessed lights being installed efficiently too! You’ll also get actual builder-grade quality measures taken care of during this process including Flooring options such as Carpet + Hardwood finishings which are sure not only to look great but give you peace knowing they’ve been treated against moisture intrusion and other natural disasters that may occur.